Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation

The Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation is a charitable trust dedicated to supporting projects and causes which contribute to the improvement of Fiji's society, with particular emphasis on assistance for those in need. With a vision to be the leading foundation in Fiji, the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation is aiming to foster corporate giving and volunteering through establishment of as many foundations that can engage everyone to make a difference in the world. Through a commitment for making Fiji and better place for all, the foundation is bestowing its philanthropic responsibility on the community it does business with and where its stakeholders, shareholders, suppliers, customers and employees live. The Foundation's strategic focus is on areas that entail programmes such as: Sustainable Funding, World of Difference, Beyond Funder, Hands up Vodafone, Double Your $ and Red Alert Vodafone Life.

  • Community Empowerment

    The Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation is committed to empowering local communities in Fiji. Through its initiatives, the foundation provides support and resources to enhance educati

  • echnological Advancement

    Leveraging the power of technology, the foundation plays a vital role in bridging the digital divide in Fiji. It promotes digital inclusion and innovation by implementing initiatives that expand access to connectivity, digital education, and digital tools, thereby creating opportunities for social and economic progress.

Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation

The Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation drives positive change and sustainable development in Fiji. Through strategic partnerships and technology, it empowers communities in education, health, and disaster resilience, fostering a brighter future.

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