The Board

ATH was formed to almalgamate Government's investments in TFL, Vodafone Fiji and Fiji Directories.



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Group Structure

Telecom Fiji Limited (TFL) is a 100 per cent owned subsidiary of ATH, and operates Fiji's only Public Service Telephone Network (PTSN).

Fiji's telephone directory is published by Fiji Directories Limited, a joint venture between ATH (90 per cent) and Edward H. O'brien (Fiji) Limited (10 per cent).

Vodafone Fiji Limited is the country's leading provider of mobile communications service and mobile phone money transfer service. Until 30 June 2014, it was a joint venture between ATH (51%) and Vodafone International Holdings BV (49%) (VIH). On 1 July 2014, Fiji National Provident Fund purchased VIH's 49% shareholding in Vodafone, making Vodafone fully locally owned.

FINTEL is a 100 per cent subsidiary of ATH, and is the leading provider of international telecommunications into and out of Fiji.

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ATH Strategy

Sample image ATH's values are integrity, accountability, innovation, efficiency and effectiveness.

ATH Reports

Sample image ATH annual reports are eagerly waited upon by the community and government.

ATH Projects

Sample imageThe ATH Vodafone Foundation is bestowing its philanthropic responsibility on the community.