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The Board

ATH was formed to almalgamate Government's investments in TFL, Vodafone Fiji and Fiji Directories.



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Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited was incorporated as a public company on 10 March 1998, as a vehicle through which the Fiji government's investments in the telecommunications sector was consolidated for the purpose of privatisation under its public sector reform programme.

ATH commenced operations on 16 December 1998, following the sale of a 49 per cent strategic stake in the company to the Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) as part of a tender in which a number of international parties participated.

The FNPF subsequently consolidated its control of ATH in September 1999 after it acquired a further two per cent of the issued shares in accordance with contractual obligations. Government's shareholding as a result, was reduced to 49 per cent.

In February 2002, Government sold a further 9.7 per cent of its shares through a Private Placement with institutional investors, including the FNPF which acquired further shares. An additional 4.7 per cent of Government's shares were sold in a Public Offer a  month later. Government is currently ATH's second largest shareholder with 34.6 per cent interest, while the FNPF is the largest shareholder with 58.2 per cent.

The Company

ATH is Fiji's principal telecommunications holding company, through its investment and provision of direct services in broad range of telecommunications and related services.

The principal activities of the ATH group include:

* fixed line and mobile telecommunications products and services

* Internet and data related services;

* Sale and service of customer premises equipment for voice, and data;

* Transaction management through the marketing and sale of prepaid services;

* Directory services;

* Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO), including call centre services;

* Provisions of International telecommunications facilities.

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ATH Strategy

Sample image ATH's values are integrity, accountability, innovation, efficiency and effectiveness.

ATH Reports

Sample image ATH annual reports are eagerly waited upon by the community and government.

ATH Projects

Sample imageThe ATH Vodafone Foundation is bestowing its philanthropic responsibility on the community.